Blundstone’s Chelsea boots — a shoe free of laces and buckles — may be what fashion historians point to as the boot of the early 2020s says the NY Times this week in the article titled "Have You Clocked These Boots?" 

From chefs wearing these boots that note “I can stand in them for hours,” and “I know so many other chefs who wear them in the kitchen” all the way to how you can take these durable boots from city to country, the piece talks about all the options available.

Various people on Blundstone's staff were also quoted in the article and the brand's growth in the US market in the past five years along with its overall heritage and history of the last 150 plus years.  Blundstone boots stand the test of time with a sleek, classic look that combines “modern,” with “a sense of timelessness.” Find out more and view the full article at