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The national guide right chair, Kappaman Douglas V. Scarbor (Hyattsville/Landover (MD) Alumni, 1990) is a North Philadelphia Native with a passion for mentorship and role modelling for young people in the community. 
He told his story to the press team for the National Kappa League:

Unlike many of his neighborhood peers, as a youth, Scarbor was fortunate to grow up in a two-parent home in a rough North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “Growing up around there was not the easiest thing, but I had a lot of people looking out for me,” he remembers. “I’m fortunate enough to come from a two-parent household, and one of those ‘It takes a Village to raise a child,” community, where all of his neighbors were involved too, he said. “I grew up two blocks away from grandmother’s house, so he was back and forth there all the time.”

Scarbor has grown Kappa League and is a mentor to mentors all across the country including the Philadelphia Kappa League.
Read more about Mr. Scarbor at the National Kappa League Website.