The Philadelphia Alumni Chapter Achievement Academy is an award winning mentoring program for young men of color from Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  Our primary focus is on the development of life skills and educational accomplishments of our young men.  The Achievement Academy serves as a vehicle to allow our students to learn about key life related topics that are not incorporated in the traditional school curriculum.



The program is broken into three age group levels:
Life skills, ages 9-12

Middle Managers, ages 13-14

Youth Leadership 15-18

The Academy also sponsors a series of workshops for the parents. The workshop presenters are professionals from the Philadelphia area. The alumni and  undergraduate members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity are also program participants.

Kappa League℠

The Kappa Leadership Development League better known as Kappa League revolves around “Five Phases” of developmental areas.
The “Five Phases” are:

  • Self-Identity – Discipline,  Assurance, Awareness, and Appearance
  • Training – Academic, Career-Choice, Preparation, and Organization
  • Competition – Politics, Career Advancement, and Athletics
  • Social – Religion, The Arts, Entertainment, Conversation/Communication, and Etiquette/Manners
  • Health Education – Physical Fitness, Sex Education, Drug Education, and Health and Safety.