Signing Day

Following in the theme of professional athletes publicly declaring their intentions to "play" for a Professional team, College Signing Month is our annual celebration of the Graduating Seniors from our program to allow them to publicly declare their intention to "earn" their degree at their respective college/University Military branch or Training school of choice.

Tie Drive

"I'm proud to announce that it was a great success as we were able to accumulate 250+ ties to give to the young men in our Achievement Academy."

-TJ Jenkins, Achievement Academy member

2021-2022 Kickoff Retreat

Achievement Academy Kickoff Retreat at Bekmont Gover to further develop soft skills like communication, trust, and conflict resolution in a peaceful environment.

Challenging and supporting each other nurtures a capacity for empathy.

Leadership Conference

The Philadelphia Alumni Chapter participates in the Annual North Eastern Province Kappa League Leadership Conference. Students enjoy meeting other area Kappa Leaguers, interactive workshops on networking, leadership, debt free college planning sessions and a special presentations from notable Kappa brothers.

Our young men are able to share with their Brothers what they learned and apply it to our local sessions.