Community Relations

Partnership with The National Black Police Association, Greater Philadelphia Chapter
Tension between minority community members and police officers across the nation has been on the rise. In an effort to rebuild those relationships and reestablish trust between our youth and authority figures, the Achievement Academy has established a partnership with the National Black Police Association, Greater Philadelphia Chapter. At least once a year, they will host a session and conduct activities to open lines of communication and trust through open forum discussions, demonstrations, and lectures on how to safely navigate potentially volatile situations. This is tailored to each age group: Youth Leaders, Middle Managers, Kappa Leaguers, and to our Parent group as well.
Public Service
Throughout the year, we host several different community service activities in an effort to enhance our neighborhood. The Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, inc. serves the area within a one mile radius of our Achievement Center. Public services activities and projects include community/church clean ups, Project Feed The 1000, mural paintings, gardening, park cleanings, and more. As a requirement to remain in the program, each student must complete a minimum of nine community services hours throughout the year.