Finance Workshops

Regions Banks Financial Literacy Workshop

Regions Bank Senior Vice President and Kappa Brother, David Christian host a interactive financial simulation. This event is targeted to our Kappa League students, ages 12-18. Each student will be given an individualized portfolio with a mock career, salary and expenses. The goal if for them to navigate through various real-life simulations individually so they can gain knowledge and awareness of money management as they grow older. This gives them insight into balancing a budget, and making good financial decisions.


Dress to Impress

Dress to Impress

Each year we host at least one session where we teach our young men the appropriate way to dress for certain occasions/events. These sessions are usually hosted by one of the Brothers within the chapter. We inform the young men on different style shirts, pants, ties, bowties, and suits and when is the appropriate time to wear certain outfits.

Community Relations

Partnership with The National Black Police Association, Greater Philadelphia Chapter

Tension between minorities communities and Police officer, across the nation,  have been increasingly rising. In efforts to rebuild those relations and reestablish trust between our youth and police in our community, the Achievement Academy has committed to a partnership with the National Black Police Association, Greater Philadelphia Chapter. At least once a year the policeman part of this association will come in and  host a session and conduct activities to open the line of communication and trust with our young men. These sessions may vary from activities, open forum discussions, demonstrations or even lectures on how to better those relationships. This is geared and tailored to each age group – Youth Leaders, Middle Managers, and Kappa Leaguers, and to our Parent group as well.

Community Service

Throughout the entire year we host several different community service activities in efforts to strengthen our relationships with the community. Our chapter, the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter  of Kappa Alpha Psi has a 1 mile radius coverage from our Achievement Center. Community Services activities and project could include (but not limited too) community/ church clean ups, Project Feed The 1000, mural paintings, gardening, park cleanings, and more. As a requirement to remain in the program each student is required to complete a minimum of 9 community services hours throughout the year.


Mock Interviews

Each year we host a series of Mock interviews for our Kappa League Group. During these interviews we critique our young men on their deliver  posture, appearance several other attributes. The goal is to prepare our young men as they enter into the work force for the first time. We have facilitators come in and teach best practices and methods,  host “Speed” interviews, one-on-one coaching session and more.


Public Speaking

Public Speaking

To often do we find young men who are not comfortable speaking in front a group or public setting.  Even when it comes to introduce or speaking about them selves. To combat this issue, each year we dedicated at least 2 sessions on becoming more comfortable speaking in a public setting. In the beginning of each sessions we make every do introductions one-by on in front of the entire Achievement Academy group. In addition we host several different activities encourage public speaking, in efforts to get our young men more comfortable. This is geared and tailored to each age group – Youth Leaders, Middle Managers, and Kappa Leaguers.

Great Debaters

Each year we host at least one session to have debate competitions through out the entire evening.  Each young man is given a topic and must either defend or go against their ‘opponent’. The topics of these debates can be anything random if not chosen prior too. This encourages public speaking and critical thinking for our young men. This is geared and tailored to each age group – Youth Leaders, Middle Managers, and Kappa Leaguers.


Current Events

We want our young men to be well balanced, diverse and knowledgeable about what is going on in their community, region, and nation. Thus, at the beginning of each session we facilitate (and sometimes our young men facilitate) a discussion around currents events This could include anything that is going on in the world around them as it relates to politics, social issues, civil issues, economics, government relations, community issues and more.