Philadelphia Alumni (PA) Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi sponsors a yearly tie drive for Kappa Leaguers.

An appropriate tie can make or break an interview suit. Many of us, were gifted our first collection of ties from father figures that mentored us in our youth.
In the absence of that, The Achievement Academy steps in.

The 2017 tie drive raised 450 ties for The Achievement Academy youth. Academy member Tajh J. Jenkins lauded the effort:

I’m proud to announce that it was a great success as we were able to accumulate 250+ ties to give to the young men in our Achievement Academy!

It was extremely fulfilling to see our youth get excited about choosing from the variety of ties that were on display. Your efforts helped the committee’s mission to teach our youth about professional etiquette, dressing the way you want to be addressed, and showing them how to properly dress for job and internship interviews. Each of these are values that they should start to carry with them through high school, college and into adulthood.

It’s a great way to provide the final touches to The Achievement Academy students who are ready to