When our Kappa Leaguers graduate from high school and matriculate to colleges, universities or military service we commemorate their first big adult choice with a signing day.  The Achievement Academy annual college signing day is held annually at the Kappa Achievement Center. This event celebrates the success and matriculation of our graduating Seniors into their respective colleges and trades schools. The young invite their families out to enjoy this joyous occasion with their mentors and fellow brothers. The event is always well received by all who were in attendance.

The program turns the scholarship athlete signing ceremony on it’s head:

Following in the theme of professional athletes publicly declaring their intentions to “play” for a Professional team, College Signing Month is our annual celebration of the Graduating Seniors from our program to allow them to publicly declare their intention to “earn” their degree at their respective college/University Military branch or Training school of choice.

Kappa League members sponsor each student’s signing day and photos are taken for commemoration.