Student of the year is a national competition where Kappa Leaguers and Undergraduate Kappa men from around the country compete for the “Student of the Year” mantle.

During the Fraternal year, the  Fraternity host a Northeastern (Regional) Province Council Meeting. During this time the Northeastern Province host several competitions including the Student of the year  competition. Each ear the Philadelphia Alumni Kappa League Achievement nominates one student  Philadelphia Kappa Leaguer enter into the competition and represent our program. The candidates will be judged on: Scholarship, Awareness, Community Involvement, Career Preparation, Talent, Poise/Appearance – National Kappa League Guidelines.

Lou Williams IV competed against 6 other young men and won first place in March of 2017. The competition categories include academic achievements, panel interviews, and a talent portion. We are pleased to say that Lou is now a freshman at Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia and now Brother of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated.